Air Greenland Photography Contest

JakobshavnIceFjordRedBoatIcebergJuly 5 07
JakobshavnIceFjordRedBoatIcebergJuly 5 07

Vote for Ed Stockard!

One of our most faithful field notes contributers and favorite photographers, Ed Stockard, has made the semi-finals in Air Greenland’s photo contest. His photo is in the top three in the “Air Greenland at Work” category.  The image shows the jaunty red-with-white-polka-dots tail of an Air Greenland Twin Otter delivering people and gear to a field camp on Greenland’s ice sheet. See it here.

The contest winner will be decided by popular vote on 15 September.  So vote for Ed now!

If he wins, Ed will receive two Air Greenland ticket vouchers. As a voter, you’ll be registered to win an Air Greenland T-shirt, too!

Ed took the Air Greenland contest shot in May 2007 on a spring campaign resupply flight for Don Voigt who was leading seismic research for Sridhar Anandakrishnan of Penn State, an NSF-funded CReSIS PI. “I usually take a few moments to document my luck to be involved in [resupplying] such projects,” Ed wrote. “I decided to highlight the twin otter logo with the ice sheet camp in the background. I felt this photo would play well with the first segment of the Air Greenland contest. I got lucky indeed!”

His photo was chosen from more than 1500 entries, and those of us familiar with Ed’s work know luck had little to do with it: visit Ed’s flickr site for evidence of his talent. Check back with us often to view fresh examples of his work (some heretofore unpublished!), as we will be shamelessly plugging Ed’s entry in the contest for the next couple of weeks.

Go to:  If the page shown is displayed in Danish, click on the small British flag—the furthest flag to the right—in the upper right-hand corner. You can also get to the site by visiting  Click on the first of three white boxes, which is labeled “Year’s Best Photo.”

--Kip Rithner