Polar Technology Conference - 21-22 March

PTC poster 3-7-2016a
PTC poster 3-7-2016a

Abstract deadline: 11 March

Polar scientists and technology developers gather at Polar Field Services in Denver later this month for the 12th Annual Polar Technology Conference (PTC). During the two-day event, attendees exchange information on research system operational needs and technology solutions that have been successful in polar environments.

Two keynote speakers will address the PTC. Kelly Brunt, a University of Maryland research scientist associated with NASA’s Goddard Space Center, will present on LiDAR technology. Lars Berg Larsen, the University of Copenhagen’s field coordinator for the upcoming Renland ice cap drilling project in Greenland, will speak about ice core technology.

Additional topics include hybrid airships, unmanned aircraft systems, laser technology, renewable energy advances in polar environments, and more.

For further information on the PTC, visit www.polartechnologyconference.org.