ARMAP documents Arctic research growth

In the past five years, Arctic research projects sponsored by the National Science Foundation continue to increase and overlap, creating a vast database of climate, weather, and other science information.

This time-lapse video documents the location and range of projects, showing steady growth. The video was produced by the Arctic Research Mapping Application (ARMAP), our web-based mapping application (think Google but with science spots instead of restaurants.

ARMAP was built through the collaboration of a set of diverse partners.

The public can use ARMAP to navigate to areas of interest and explore information about field-based scientific research in the Arctic.

Research sites are shown as points with links to details about project investigator, discipline, funding program, year, related websites, and other elements. ARMAP includes satellite imagery, other base maps, access to scientific datasets, and map layers for places, roads, and natural features.

Users can print or export maps for presentations, export selected data, select from a “map gallery” of predefined images, or link directly to a variety of database web services. ARMAP strives to benefit scientists, science logistics experts, educators and the general public.