Attend GEOSummit

Meeting directly follows AOS on Friday May 3 Summit Station's iconic Big House bathed in the soft hues of first light. February 2013 Photo: Rex Nelson

If you are attending next month's Arctic Observing Summit in Vancouver, BC, linger on Friday May 3 to attend GEOSummit, a biannual meeting to showcase Summit Station, Greenland-based research, current and future/proposed.

Hosted by the Science Coordination Office, GEOSummit will explore recent science highlights, new projects, and pending proposals with research components at the station.

Send one or two power point slides that shine the brightest possible light on your project(s) to Jack Dibb (  Meeting organizers will arrange contributions into themes and will present this overview for discussion. For new starts and recently proposed work, there is special interest in seeing the hypotheses you are hoping to test, and the approaches you are planning to use.

Members of large, coordinated efforts (NOAA, LTO, ICECAPS) can decide to have an organized overview summary or to encourage all investigators to submit their own gems.  If you decide to band together, please indicate so when transmitting your slides.

Send GEOSummit contributions to

General SCO inquiries:

Summit Station is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation in cooperation with the Government of Greenland. CH2MHILL Polar Services operates the station for the NSF, with guidance from the Science Coordination Office.