Baseball, hot dogs, and Greenland

Play ball! Friends and colleagues at Thule Air Force Base squared off over the 4th of July. All photos: Joe Hurley

Fourth of July is a time for baseball and apple pie, which our friends and colleagues at the Thule Air Force Base know well. The 12th Space Warning Squadron (12SWS) faced off with the Peterson Air Force Base-821st over the long wasn't exactly the Red Sox/New York Yankees but it was a beautiful day for celebrating Independence.


There were burgers, hot dogs, and, yes, a trophy.

The crowds were thrilled to see sun (it's been a rainy summer) and no mosquitos.


Following the game, everyone chowed on a pot luck meal at the Top of the World Club. The USAF was off for four days, the recreation cabins in the countryside were full, and there were plenty of parties.

With heavy turnover at this time of year, this weekend serves as a good time for people to be welcmed and for a lot of people to say their goodbyes.  —Joe Hurley