Thule Polar Bear Visitors

"It was a big week for wildlife viewing," wrote Joe Hurley, PFS' science support manager at the U.S. Thule Air Base in northwestern Greenland. "In addition to the usual musk ox, bird, fox and hare sightings, we seem to be surrounded by polar bears. Kurt Burnham (High Arctic Institute) claims to have seen more bears in one summer than he has in his previous twenty. A number of bears have been witnessed on the local islands and in adjacent valleys. Robin Davies and I came across the bear pictured above on the BMEWS road, approximately 2 miles from the base perimeter."

Joe and Robin were out helping Kurt Burnham and team as they collected information for their ongoing studies of the avian population near Thule Air Base, and we can tell you that advance views of Joe's pictures from those outings are spectacular. Joe says he'll write more soon. Stay tuned!