Born to Run

The first team of Polar Huskies pull Mille Porsild, Aaron Doering and the first sled on to the ice sheet, the first few steps of a 1000-mile journey to Summit Station. Photo: Robin Davies

Now that they're on the trail to Summit Station, the GoNorth! team is posting daily audio updates at their Web site--stop in to find out how the day has gone. Learn all about Greenland, "climate chaos," and the seven principals of adventure learning. Read the answers to 10 great questions submitted each week by adventure learners. Visit the scrapbook to "see" through the eyes of the GoNorth! team, head out to the dog yard to meet the Polar Huskies--well, just get on there and explore. More active participants can still register to participate in the adventure learning modules (K-12 students all over the world participate in these).