GrIT Update: Mission Accomplished

The GrIT team made it back to Thule on June 3,. Here they are at the edge of the ice. Photo courtesy Geoff Phillips The GrIT operations team is back in Thule! After dealing with mechanical issues, traveling many hundreds of miles, and experiencing a range of weather, the team reached Thule this week, reports GrIT Project Manager Geoff Phillips in his status update, excerpted below.

On Tuesday, June 3, the Greenland Inland Traverse (GrIT) team landed in Thule. Despite all the challenges they faced along the way, they were in great spirits.

The team left the sleds in the frozen lake area at the ice edge near the transition, where the snow is rapidly melting. After assessing the loads, the team is optimistic that they can be packaged up and stored in proper places prior to the rocks starting to poke through the snow layers.

The Arctic Research Support and Logistics Program within the National Science Foundation’s Division of Polar Programs funds the Greenland Inland Traverse. CH2M HILL Polar Services and Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratories are working together with the NSF to develop the traverse infrastructure and route to Summit Station. The 2014 spring traverse delivered fuel and cargo to Summit Station, continued efforts to optimize mobility, and provided a research platform for Zoe Courville’s NSF-funded scientific research project.

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