Happy New Year!

And Speaking of New 

A father of five females, Earl Vaughn once joked that he'd "daughtered-out" his line. But to hear the PFS cargo manager in Scotia, New York, talk about his beloved girls, we knew he didn't really mind. And now Earl's daughters are giving him grandchildren, the latest of whom is another strapping grandson from daughter Liza. 

Meet Damen Christopher Guthrie, born two days before Thanksgiving, on 24 November.  A long, tall drink of handsome, the boy weighed over 9 pounds when he entered the world and hasn't looked back since.

Knowing what he knows about holiday juggling acts in big, extended families, Earl prepared a huge pre-Christmas feast on December 22nd, so that all his girls and their assorted significants and children could attend. "It was great," Earl said. "Everyone was here--my daughter Arianna even flew in from Oregon."

Earl's girls: Alex, Liza, Sarah and Arianna. Photo: Earl Vaughn

Significants include  109th Air National Guard pilot Tom Esposito, Alex’s husband and father of two of Earl’s growing brood of grandchildren. With Tom flying for NSF’s polar research programs, and Liza and Dino working for Earl in the Scotia cargo arena, Earl has quite the family polar dynasty going, daughtered-out or not. We expect nothing less, since Earl is, as we discovered when we profiled him a few years ago for field notes, a force of nature.