Do You Like His Hat?

Go Dogs, Go! (A book for beginning readers by Seussian author P.D. Eastman) has a riff where a pink-clad she-poodle wearing a number of increasingly outlandish hats asks a handsome, B-flat jazz-daddy mutt, "Do you like my hat?"  He says no repeatedly. Finally, she approaches him in a hat so outlandish--festooned with potted plants, pinwheels, small animals, etc--that he succumbs: "Yes, I do like your hat!" and off they drive into the sunset.

Young Henry James, Rachel Walker's boy, doesn't like his hat.  Born February 27th, and thus a shade over three months old now, it won't be long before Henry will be able to reach up there and yank his hat off. Or add a couple of potted plants and a fishing reel, maybe. 

Rachel reports that Henry likes his daily hikes with mom in the hills behind Boulder. So that's probably a wide-brimmed, UV-screening sunhat (um, like the one at the top?).  As for us, we're delighted that Rachel has agreed to don her writer's hat part time to help out on the field notes blog.