PFS 2.0: Kristina Lynn Kramer

At PFS, we like to brag about how enormously productive we are--and sometimes we’re even referring to our professional lives. 

Here’s Alaska staffer Naomi Whitty and her most recent project delivery: gorgeous Kristina Lynn, born at the close of the work week preceding Thanksgiving, on November 22nd at 5:30pm. 

Kristina was a long, slim slice of heaven at almost 22” and nearly eight pounds. “Everyone’s doing fine,” reports colleague Dana Moudra-Truffer. “Little Kristina is a very easy baby; will sleep by herself when laid down in a crib.” 

And then there’s force-of-nature, big sis Ella, who already has her own fan club around here. 

Naomi reports that Ella loves baby Kristina, and is proud of being an older sibling.  

Ella calls herself big sister and big brother. Kristina seems to be happy with either.

With dear family friend "Grandma Glo"  in town and lots of special time with her dad, Ella will undoubtedly navigate this transformation with typical bounce. As for Naomi and Eli, they're now seasoned parents, so they know they're just along for the ride.

Congratulations to the Whitty/Kramer family!