PFS Alaska Staff Have All the Fun

They work pretty hard, too, but when we get photos like this, we wish we were officed with our Fairbanks team:

Ella Whitty Kramer, Naomi Whitty's daughter, offers her review of the new trampoline.

To celebrate the major summer phase of Alaska research support, Matt Irinaga's family hosted a weekend gathering for the PFS Alaska staff a few weekends ago.

We hear there were jokes that the BBQ was merely an excuse to get some heavy-lift capability to relocate the trampoline from the yard of the neighbor who gave it to the young Irinaga family.  Nevertheless, Naomi Whitty says the cookout was held on a lovely day, and was great fun for grownups and kids alike.

Mimi Fujino, the PFS Toolik Helo Coordinator, was passing through Fairbanks on her way to Toolik, another reason for merriment.

Cooper Irinaga (left) Matteo Kuizenga (middle), and Quinn Irinaga do the popsicle dance while Mimi Fujino (partly obscured) and Marin Kuizenga observe. Photos: Eli Kramer