Royal Visit

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. Photos by Ed Stockard

After practicing their bows and curtseys for a week or two, PFS staff met the Scandinavian Royals last weekend.  The three heirs to the Scandinavian thrones visited Kangerlussuaq during a five-day tour of Greenland to study the impact of climate change on Greenland and its people.

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, and Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden began their tour in Kangerlussuaq, where they visited the ice edge:

Check the boots!

And talked with locals, including school-age children:


Not to mention abundant press corps:


The Royals boarded the Danish offshore patrol vessel H.D.M.S. Ejnar Mikkelsen in Kangerlussuaq and sailed north, visiting several communities, including Ilulissat. On board with them:  New York University’s David Holland, NSF-funded modeler studying ocean and ice sheet interactions at the Jakobshavn and Helheim glaciers (and in Antarctica). Holland and some Danish colleagues provided research perspectives during the tour.

The Royals also flew via US Air National Guard ski-equipped plane to the NEEM field camp to meet with an international team of scientists now harvesting core from the Greenland ice sheet, an effort led by Dorthe Dahl-Jensen of the University of Copenhagen that eventually will bring ice up from the very bottom of the sheet for paleoclimate studies.  The always-engaging NEEM field blog carries a report of the visit, which features a photo of the “NEEM princess,” CPS chef Sarah Harvey, with the Scandinavian Royals.

Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Crown princess Victoria of Sweden, “NEEM princess” Sarah, and H.R.H. Crown prince Frederik of Denmark pose with Sarah's famous vittles. Photo from NEEM field blog

A scheduled visit to Summit Station was scrapped due to weather. PFS manager Kathy Young writes that the Summit community scrubbed the station to sparkling, laid a sumptuous feast, and hoisted the Scandinavian flags, planning “to show off our station.” Instead, they took a rare afternoon off.

The royal visit ended with dinner at Kangerlussuaq’s Row Club on the banks of Lake Fergusson, to which the CPS team was happily invited. Robin Abbott reports that the food was incredible and that the CPS team feasted like (ahem) kings.  Robin was delighted to be seated by Prince Frederik, who was, in fact, charming.