The Good, the Bad, and the Muddy

Through Ed Stockard's viewfinder
The good:

The rhododendron's in bloom!

The bad:

"The mosquitoes are bad this year," Ed writes. "When you lie on your belly to take photos, you essentially are giving to the Greenland blood drive - mosquitos are thick low and out of the wind." The flower is a Lapland Lousewort

The muddy:

Warming brings silty meltwater to the rivers. Here, the nearby Russell Glacier contributes to the water levels in Kangerlussuaq waterways.

We enjoy getting emails from Ed Stockard. The long-time CPS staffer in Kanger has a way with a camera, and his messages usually contain some kind of visual adventure. Ed recently sent us a few shots of life around the logistics hub for the National Science Foundation’s arctic research program in Greenland. Double up on the mosquito repellent and keep shooting, Ed!