Their Three Sons

Welcome Owen Pagenkopp!

Owen Pagenkopp was born August 2. He weighed 9 lbs, 15 oz at birth, which is why we like to call him The Biscuit.

The latest member of the Polar Field Services 2.0 club came into the world looking like a lineman. We may be overstating a bit, but at 22 inches and almost 10 pounds, baby Owen probably skipped right over the newborn clothes.

New mom  Angela reports that her youngest is a sweet baby, content to be held--and (no surprise!) a "chowhound."  He gained half a pound in three days.  Clearly the boy likes his groceries.

The youngest of three, it's just as well that he's big--no doubt he'll want to keep up with his two older brothers.

Angela's boys: Ethan (5), husband Brett, and Tyler (2).

Congratulations to Angela and Brett (and Ethan and Tyler) on drafting the season's most promising new player!

Owen 111