There Comes the Sun

January 25, 2010

Kip Rithner wrote:

Hello Summiteers, Exciting times! I hope everyone's doing well on the world's roof—I imagine you’re looking forward to sunshine and getting out of Summit after the Phase III team arrives around February 2.

Speaking of sun, I hope you'll keep the field notes blog in mind when you enjoy the sunrise on January 27th. I’d love to post a picture of you enjoying the spectacle. This time always makes me think of the Beatles song. What do you think of?

Summit manager wrote:

Hi Kip,

Yes, we'll surely be taking photos if the weather allows.  Here's the forecast that we just received:

“Thursday:  Cloudy and maybe light snow at times. Still risk of fog and southwesterly winds about 05-15kt and temperatures unchanged or slightly warmer.”

Karl Newyear Summit Station Manager Winter 2009-10 Phase II

Kip Rithner wrote:

Booooo!  Maybe it'll clear a bit, though.

Summit Manager wrote:

Hi Kip,

This is the best forecast we've seen in weeks!