Update from Summit Station

Tracy Sheeley sent a note to update us on Summit Station turnover: The heart of Summit Station, the Big House. Photo: Ken Keenan

We got in on time, which was most welcome, and have been continuing with turnover activities ever since.  Our spring crew is comprised of 6 people.  Four are returnees, 1 is staying on, and we have 1 new to Summit, so it’s a great blend to reinforce and build on existing knowledge while adding fresh eyes to bring good perspective to our discussions and training.  The Phase 2 Winter Crew has kept the station in excellent shape, and we appreciate all of their efforts.

We also have Jacques Hueber onsite for turnover.  Jacques is an NSF researcher who traveled to Summit for troubleshooting activities on the Helmig CU gas chromatography project.  His work is progressing well.

Turnover week comprises a combination of individual tasking training as well as group training to enhance a strong community and proactive risk management for the spring phase.  Our temp is -62 F this morning, so taking care of ourselves and keeping an eye out for others is easy to remember!  We’ve also welcomed Martin Lewis, our new GL Facility Ops PM, to his first Summit turnover – he is learning the ropes quickly, and we’re glad to have him on our support team.

Though cold, we’ve had clear weather for our turnover.  We also have more daylight hours than in the past for this phase turnover, which makes a helpful difference for our activities.

At left, Jacques Hueber (grantee) and Ken Keenan (Phase I Site Supervisor) putting the finishing touches on Alia’s birthday cake. Photo: Tracy Sheeley

We’ve had clear nights with auroras to enjoy – and even celebrated a birthday for Alia Westlund,one of our Phase 1 science techicians.  It turned into a training exercise as well - the birthday cake bakers went through a few recipe options, based on ingredient availability in the Freezer Trench – but a vanilla, banana cake with a chocolate ganache was enjoyed by all.

We are scheduled to depart on 27 February to redeploy through Iceland, after unloading freshies and resupply from two Norlandair Twin Otters.

The new crew is Ken Keenan, Site Supervisor; Lance Roth, NOAA Tech; Alia Westlund, PFS Tech; Ward Handley, PFS ICECAPS Tech; Karl Krupke, Mechanic (extending from Phase 3); Scott Konu, Heavy Equipment Operator.

The U.S. National Science Foundation funds and manages the Summit Station research facility in cooperation with the Government of Greenland. CH2M HILL Polar Services operates and maintains the station under contract to the NSF.