Visiting NEEM

Through Ed Stockard's Viewfinder Ed recently visited the deep ice core drilling camp, NEEM, out on the Greenland ice sheet, flying there with a group of media invited by the Air National Guard. Take a look.

Here the journalists are transported on snowmobile-towed sleds from the skiway and the LC-130 that has flown them to NEEM.

The group toured the ice coring facility, two underground rooms with a tunnel between them.

This is the drilling trench. Despite the room's snow walls, temperatures were getting a bit too warm for the ice core. The NEEM team has installed air intake systems to help combat the heat.

Three stories high, filled with comfortable furniture and ambient light (sometimes a little too much ambient light, per the NEEM Web site!), the NEEM dome houses the dining facility, lounging areas and computer work stations, even a few bunk beds for nappers. The top floor aerie is the home of the NEEM camp leader, who makes weather observations and communicates with the outside world while keeping an eye on the place from the perch.

Robbie Score also visited NEEM. Her general impression of the place is evident on her face.

Inside the dome, the kitchen is a warm haven. A talented chef is an object of great affection at a field camp like NEEM, as Sarah Harvey, pictured below in the NEEM kitchen, can tell you.

If you're thinking the NEEM team eats dehydrated food warmed over a well-used portable stove, think again.