The Storm Subsides at Penguin Ranch

The job at Rancho Penguino was “one of the best jobs I’ve ever had (other than working for PFS),” Ed says.  A look at this heretofore unpublished shot and one might have some idea why. Click on the picture to get a larger view of the emperors.

Yesterday we mentioned that Ed Stockard has been selected as a finalist in Air Greenland’s photo contest. The winning photo will now be decided by popular vote, so vote! The winner will receive two vouchers for travel on Air Greenland. Vote for Ed!

By the way, the gold plumage on the ears and chests of emperor penguins is a mystery of nature to us. What purpose does it serve in the white, blue and black world of the emperor penguin to be tickled with a brush dipped in saffron?--Kip Rithner