What We Did Last Weekend

Not only do we at Polar Field Services support adventurous and intrepid scientists, we seek out intrepid adventures ourselves. From the far flung to the local, we explore, investigate, and engage. Equinox Marathon, Fairbanks, AK

Running 26.2 miles anywhere is challenging, but factor in the landscape in the far north, along with a notoriously challenging course, and the Equinox Marathon is in a category of its own. Which is why we are so impressed that PFS's own Christie Haupert and Cody Johnson trounced this race. Christie reported that Cody finished with an outstanding 3:46 (and this was his first ever marathon!). Christie said she ran the best race of her life:

"I trained hard for a mountain race earlier in the summer, the hardest in the state. I spent the month of July practicing on a mountain two hours south of here, running up and down, up and down. I really wanted to perform well in the mountain race, as it was HUGE and very intimidating. I didn’t know if I could transition from the mountain training of steep steep up and steep steep down to the “flatter” running needed for Equinox. Nor did I know if my body was strong enough to handle both races in one summer...I have, since running my first marathon when I was 21, wanted to break the 4 hour mark in a marathon. To run a 3 hr 58 min time in the Equinox Marathon, the same year I ran Matanuska Peak Challenge (finishing in a respectable 4 and a half hours), was incredible to me...I’ve been running since I was 11 and I’ve always wanted to feel like a runner – but never have. After Saturday, I feel like I might just be a runner…finally … if only for that day."

Colorado's Sand Dune National Monument

It's not all Rocky Mountains here in Colorado, Polar Field Service's home base. In the southwest corner of our great state are the other worldly sand dunes, a beautiful landscape of desert and sky, with the occasional foliage, trees and rivers mixed in.

Naomi Whitty and her daughters Ella and Christina Kramer camped out for some great girl's time.

Kyli Olsen also visited southwestern Colorado recently, touring Mesa Verde with her mom (who lives in Kansas) and sister, a Denver resident. Kyli says, "Everything was still surprisingly green.  It was a beauty of a weekend with lots of sunshine!" Here are a few of her photos.

Tractor Pull, Tunbridge, VT.!

There's more to Vermont than world-class maple syrup and fall foliage, as Diana Garcia-Lavigne proves with this photo of the tractor pull at the Tunbridge World Fair. She writes, "I had a blast at the lawn tractor pull, which is my new favorite event since they cancelled the demolition derby a few years ago, on account of it being too dangerous."

More Camping, This Time In Alaska

Dana Truffer Moudra and her kids went car camping by Nome Creek, one of many camping trips this summer. Although they arrived late in the drizzle, and the drizzle continued the next morning, and her daughter Emilie had a run-in with the inside of the tent, leaving her a tad disgruntled, and they returned to Fairbanks that morning, Dana reports it was a good weekend after all. The salvation? Fresh blueberries, picked the night they arrived at the campsite, atop their ice cream, and sunshine when they got home.

Aspen Golden Leaf Half Marathon, Aspen, CO.

Blog contributor Rachel Walker ran 13.1 miles from Snowmass, CO. to Aspen, CO. in the Golden Leaf Half Marathon. The mountain trail run wound through stunning scenery, started at 8,650 feet above sea level, and was an awesome way to celebrate the 7-month birthday of her son. Henry (son) and Jeff (dad) missed Rachel's finish because the little guy was napping, which was fine with mom; Jeff's support—from doing double time dad duty to encouraging her to work out—definitely helped with the endeavor. Congratulations, Rachel!