Clement Weather

breakfast_at_Anini Dana MT
breakfast_at_Anini Dana MT

All over the country, massive storms are making the headlines—a third blizzard in New England in as many weeks, and, more surprisingly, a snow storm in Atlanta over the weekend that closed the Peach State’s capital city. As happens during cold spells, the “blogosphere” is bleating about how the inclement weather is evidence that climate warming is baloney (not seeing the ice sheet for the snowflakes, if you will).

But never mind all of that.

Dana Moudra-Truffer sent this photo of her two girls, Emilie, left, and Sonja, having breakfast on Anini Beach, Kauai, during a 10-day family get-away from Fairbanks, Alaska, where they live (and Dana manages support to a sheaf of NSF-funded researchers conducting field work in the state).

Dana wrote that the family “lucked out with the weather” in Hawai’i. Though they had some night-time rain and wind gusts, they camped in the shelter of large trees growing on the beach. The girls are breakfasting in the shade of their branches in Dana’s picture.

“The tide was high and on a couple occasions during breakfast the adults had to put up our feet to keep them from getting wet,” Dana wrote.

“The girls enjoyed watching the small waves coming in. The big waves were crashing a few hundred yards away on the reef that protects the beach.”

If you’ve got the winter doldrums, take a few minutes and try to put yourself in the picture with Dana’s family. Play footsie with the tide. You know that the water’s warm.—Kip Rithner