Inside the Crevasse

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Inside a crevasse near McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Photo: Ed Stockard. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

"Quite possibly the most amazing and fortuitous moment I have ever had with a camera in my hand," Ed Stockard writes.

"This was taken in the IMAX crevasse on Hut Peninsula outside of McMurdo Station, Antarctica. I had taken a small group of DV's [distinguished visitors] to the crevasse. I was the snowmobile mechanic and a member of the winter SAR team and had the blessings to lead trips here. While in the crevasse the sun shone through the small opening behind and above me. The light of the sun appeared to move down one wall and up the other side. I had a short time to ask this person to move into the light!"

The crevasse (a crack in an ice sheet) is a local landmark near McMurdo Station, the largest of three NSF-funded stations on the 7th continent. Its name denotes an IMAX film crew that visited to shoot footage for the polar IMAX adventure, Antarctica, which was released in 1991.

To celebrate the selection of his photo as a semi-finalist in the Air Greenland’s photo contest, Ed has been sharing some of his favorite shots with us. We encourage you to check out Ed's photo of a red and white twin otter tail on the Air Greenland contest site, and vote! Preferably for Ed, but vote! You'll be entered in a contest to win Air Greenland swag, and if Ed wins, he'll receive two travel vouchers on Greenland's national airline. 

Ed is helming Summit, the NSF-funded research station on Greenland's ice cap, as a staff of five prepare the place for the winter. He's shooting pictures of the adventure, and you can tag along by visiting Ed's flickr site:  Recent photos include shots of the season's first sunset. Gorgeous.--Kip Rithner