Information related to the U.S. Government shutdown

To our Arctic Program community: As of midnight, Sept. 30, 2013 several U.S. government operations have entered a period of shutdown due to lack of funding.   Although the National Science Foundation (NSF) will be closed for routine operations until further notice, NSF has a small number of “excepted” employees who will remain on the job expressly to ensure the safety of personnel and property in the Polar Regions.

At no time will we compromise our ability to access our personnel for safety and to continue operations as appropriate.  We will continue to house, feed, and provide care for our personnel currently deployed throughout the Arctic, including Summit Station, Greenland and Barrow and Toolik Lake, Alaska.

We are hopeful that this situation is resolved with limited disruption to the critical research our nation is performing in the Arctic and to our cooperative commitments to the Arctic international research community.

Dr. Kelly K. Falkner


NSF Division of Polar Programs