In the Media - July 16, 2009


A recent study suggests that young moose should (as should we all) pay close attention to their mothers, writes Ned Rozell in Alaska Science Forum #1967.

Listen!  Tag along aurally with a group of archeologists working at Paris Fjord on the northwestern coast of Greenland for the Inglefield Land Archeology Project. The team is spending the better part of two months excavating ancient Thule home sites. Messages sent via satellite telephone to PI Genevieve LeMoine will be uploaded to the project’s blog site through August 8.

From the Anchorage Daily News:Huge Blob of Arctic Goo Floats Past Slope Communities. There’s video, too!

Explore Greenland’s coast this summer by way of this blog written by an Australian polar explorer aboard the Arctic Sunrise, a Greenpeace ship. Ice sheet expert Jason Box is now aboard the ship establishing time-lapse cameras for his NASA-funded experiment.