Calling at Ivotuk (Part III)

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Certificate2 2-page-001

We’ve heard from technical specialist Tracy Dahl, who’s been working on a power/communications system we installed at remote Ivotuk, Alaska, a decade ago. We posted pictures of the maintenance work his team completed and of the dramatic shifts in the landscape. Now we bring you Tracy’s most recent news from the field:When we're out in camp, we have no way of storing leftovers after meals. Calling someone a “good eater” is a hold-over from the United States Antarctic Program (USAP) days, when it was a positive critique for an employee evaluation.

Mind you, we are all pretty good eaters in the field. Up until this year, Joe Yarkin was the undisputed champion at Ivotuk, but this season skinny Brad Welchel has handily defeated him. The guy can put away an astonishing volume of food. Where does it all go?

Joe relinquished his standing with characteristic good humor; in fact he created the following award for Brad. Congratulations, Brad!