Kanger Light Show

Through Ed Stockard's Viewfinder

KangerAuroraApr 7 10 1857
KangerAuroraApr 7 10 1857


Coastal Eddy's photostream


"There were about 5 minutes of extreme activity around midnight. This short burst was the best northern lights show I had ever seen in Greenland... Low, fast-moving, multicolored curtains with greens and reds and blues. I barely got out the back door to take this shot and a couple others. One of those experiences you find yourself talking to no one but yourself....Then it was gone... just gone. The photo is proof it was real!"

Armchair travellers: you have not visited Greenland until you've done so through Ed Stockard's camera lens. Visit his flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/coastaleddy/