The Love Boat


Newest Polar Field Services Alaska team member, project manager Cody Johnson, is a newlywed and a good sport. The picture is evidence of the former, and his good-natured willingness to tell us (all of us!) about his nuptials proves the latter. Coming to us fresh from an NSF-funded post-doc fellowship at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Cody brings a customer’s perspective to our group, and judging from his wedding guest list, he shares our love of the four-leggers. We are thrilled to welcome him and his lovely bride, Amy, to the larger PFS/CPS family.

My beautiful new bride is Amy Breen.  She is a podoctoral researcher at UAF in the SNAP (Scenarios Network for Alaska Planning) program.  We were married on September 4th on the front step of a cabin at Fielding Lake in the Delta Mountain Range, Alaska.  Our wedding was attended by a small (14 people and 11 dogs) group of close friends (including Christie Haupert), and was presided over by a close friend of ours. 

Actually the second part is a funny story.  The gentleman who presided over our wedding was Ben Abbott.  He is a Ph.D. student at UAF.  During the summer of 2007 Ben was my field assistant at Toolik Field Station.  That summer I was completely smitten with Amy and spent a lot of time trying to get her to pay attention to me.  Ben, who was much younger, and in my mind quite naïve about such matters, kept encouraging me to just lay my cards on the table (so to speak) and tell Amy how I felt.  Finally at the end of the summer (with two days left before I left Toolik) I professed my feelings for Amy after much encouragement from Ben (and maybe a bit of liquid confidence from a hoppy beverage or two).  Low and behold she felt the same, and three years later, including a year of long-distance Logan Utah to Fairbanks Alaska relationship, we are happily married.

As part of our wedding, rather than driving off in a car following the ceremony, we canoed out into Fielding Lake watching bald eagles and loons.  For our honeymoon we spent 4 days paddling ~30 miles on the Delta River.  The weather was awful (non-stop rain and high winds), but the trip was fantastic.  The fall colors in Alaska were spectacular, we had river otters playing next to our boats….perfect Alaska wedding and honeymoon.