Message from the Director, Polar Programsd


To Our Arctic Program Community:

With the end of the partial government shutdown, NSF staff reported back to work on October 17, 2013.  During the 16-day shutdown, the Arctic Sciences Section maintained support of all personnel in the field, including stations at Summit in Greenland and Toolik and Barrow in Alaska under previously obligated funds.  A small number of 'excepted' personnel at NSF were engaged during the shutdown to ensure the protection of life, safety and property.

We are aware that the NSF shutdown did have impacts affecting the Arctic community.  We ask your patience as NSF transitions back toward more normal operations.  You can expect guidance from NSF and from the Arctic Science Section in the coming days via the NSF web-site and by other means. We appreciate the patience and dedication of the personnel who conduct and support research in the Arctic and are very happy to resume service to the science enterprise.

Dr. Kelly K. Falkner

Director Division of Polar Programs