PolarTREC Runway


“Another stylish item that is a must for your wardrobe would be the bug shirt. It allows airflow, to keep you looking and feeling great in your insect swarmed environment, while keeping bugs at bay. Round out the outfit with a pair of fashionable leather gloves and you are ready for a day at the peninsula.”

So writes PolarTREC teacher Claude Larson (Jefferson Township Middle School in Oak Ridge, New Jersey). She’s preparing to join NSF-funded anthropologist Ezra Zubrow (SUNY-Buffalo) for a month-long trip to the Kamchatka Peninsula region of Russia, to collect information on how past human settlements have adapted to abrupt climate change in the Arctic.

As part of CH2M HILL’s support to the National Science Foundation’s arctic research program, Polar Field Services sends specialized clothing and communications gear to PolarTREC teachers before they leave for field work. We’ve grown accustomed to the odd assortment of gear we provide, so it’s refreshing and funny to view polar fashion through the eyes of one who hasn’t been shuffling bug shirts and bunny boots lo these many years.

Larson is one of a dozen or so teachers selected this year by the Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS) to accompany researchers on field trips, the better to return to the classroom and convey the essence, importance, and excitement of polar research to their students. Make a habit of checking the PolarTREC Web site for updates.