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In the News - March 5, 2015

In the News - March 5, 2015

News about the polar regions abounds recently, with stories ranging from new data on thinning Arctic sea ice to an exposition on the life of the Arctic scientist on location in Greenland. Here’s a round up for your reading pleasure.

Arctic In the News

Arctic In the News

The United States' last vessel capable of breaking through the heaviest ice of the Arctic Circle, and resupplying the U.S. polar research station there, is scheduled to leave San Francisco Bay on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014.

Intermediate Drill Set to Procure Antarctic Ice Cores

In Mark Twickler’s world, “small” is relative. When it comes to a new ice core drill that’s being developed and tested by a team of specialized engineers from the Ice Drilling Design and Operations group (IDDO), small means about 20,000 pounds.

GrIT update: the view from Summit

After arriving at Summit Station last week, the GrIT team got to work offloading all the cargo, delivering the drilling fluid and casing to the Antarctic drill test camp, and pumping about 19,500 gallons of fuel into the station's stores.

Division of Polar Programs joins Facebook!

Follow Arctic and Antarctic research news through the new Facebook page of the National Science Foundation's Division of Polar Programs. The recently launched page carries stunning pictures and updates on the U.S. polar programs, north and south.

PolarTREC deadline approaching!

Calling all educators who are fascinated with the Arctic and Antarctic! PolarTREC: Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. is accepting applications through Monday September 16.

Polar Careers: Rob Robbins, polar diver

The first time Rob Robbins, Supervisor of Dive Services at Antarctica’s McMurdo Station set his eyes on the ice in 1979 he fell in love. Now he is one of two full-time divers working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

Polar Careers: David Rosenthal

When David Rosenthal left Maine in 1977 for a four-month stint in a cannery in Cordova, AK., the aspiring artist figured he’d earn some cash to help launch his career as a landscape artist. In Maine. Instead, four months in the far north planted a seed of adventure for the resourceful young man.

Polar Artist Paints Climate Change Message

Award-winning Canadian landscape painter Linda Mackey first went to the High Arctic in 2002 with renowned artist Doris McCarthy. Not only was she was struck by the light and simplicity of shape and form in the Arctic Ocean, she fell in love with the Polar Regions.

Operation IceBridge: Birds-Eye View of Arctic Ice Cover

Operation IceBridge takes scientists to new heights (literally!) to collect aerial ice cover data to help us better understand how changes in polar ice connect to the broader global climate system. The six-year project is the largest airborne survey of polar ice ever.

Polar Careers: Peter Wasilewski’s Frizion

Peter Wasilewski retired from NASA’s Goddard Space Filght Center in April, 2010, but he’s not resting on his laurels. Instead, he’s having a great time with his hobby - Frizion.

2011-2012 PolarTREC Teachers Explore the Poles

During the last week in February, thirteen educators from across the United States convened in Fairbanks, Alaska, to participate in the 2011 PolarTREC Orientation and ShareFair.

Exploring the World’s Polar Regions With Kids

The online magazine Beyond Penguins and Polar Bears addresses Americans’ lack of knowledge about the Earth’s polar regions by providing elementary school teachers with tools to teach about these cold, wild places in a fun, interactive way that combines science, literacy, math, art and more.

A View from the Top

Few people get to experience the rush of deploying a CTD from a helicopter hovering above a frozen body of water in Greenland. And even fewer get to witness scientific seal tagging efforts in the Arctic. Denise Holland can say she’s done all of this. And lucky for us she’s been recording!

Polar Careers: Every Picture Tells a Story

Seattle-based photographer Chris Linder grew up in southeastern Wisconsin, which is to say he’s no stranger to snow and sub-zero temperatures, a good thing considering he makes his living, in part, by photographing polar scientists in the field.

iPhone Apps for the Arctic-minded

This morning I went way down the bunny hole of apps at the iTunes Store where I downloaded weather, currency converter, and requisite ‘best restaurants around’ apps. But, I wanted more – what apps out there are available and relevant to those of us who live in and/or work in the circumarctic?

Helheim Glacier Lands NY Times Front Page

At Polar Field Services, we are fortunate to assist in important scientific research that takes place in some of the world's most beautiful places. We were glad to see some of the scientists we support on the front page of last Sunday's issue of the NY Times.