Preparing For The Arctic: Field Training For Field Success

With a team of polar experts who specialize in planning and implementing field logistics, Polar Field Services (PFS) plays a critical role in preparing researchers funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for a successful field season.

GrIT Situation Report 7

The Traverse arrived at Summit 08 May and departed 15 May. The crew endured a few rough days prior to reaching Summit. Snow conditions caused a loss of traction, requiring the tractors to crawl along at 3 mph.

GrIT Situation Report 6

The crew has surpassed the horrible sastrugi zone, which continued to cause our ARCS (Air ride cargo sled) pouches to detach from the decks. The battens pulled away from the decks so the crews had to improvise a different strapping method.

Setting up Camp

Each spring for as long as we can remember, we've installed a field camp for Jim Sedinger near Tutakoke, in southwestern Alaska. Sedinger's field team works there all season to continue a long-term, NSF-funded study of Black Brant geese.

GrIT Situation Report 5

The Greenland Inland Traverse (GrIT) team has left the crevasse zone and is headed to Camp Century [about 150 miles from Thule Air Base]. The GrIT team has been fighting weather and poor snow conditions the whole way.

GrIT Situation Report 4

All is well with the Greenland Inland Traverse (GrIT) team as they make their way through the crevasse zone [the first ~70 miles of the journey to Summit, where the fractured edge of the ice sheet leads to the unbroken ice cap].

GrIT Situation Report 3

The GrIT team headed out into the wild white yonder today. Over the next 7-8 weeks, our team will pull a giant load of outsized cargo to Summit Station, assist at Summit with science support, and then turn around and return to Thule Air Base.

GrIT Situation Report 2

The SCAT team has continued to make good progress. They started on their overnight trips into the Crevasse Zone March 7th, setting up their first camp at the B3 area, and moving just a few days later to B5a.

GrIT Situation Report 1

Welcome to the Greenland Inland Traverse (GrIT) Situation Report. This report is designed to provide progress updates throughout the field season. In cooperation with the Government of Greenland, the NSF funds and manages much of the U.S. research effort on the world’s largest island.

Polar Technology Conference - 21-22 March

Polar scientists and technology developers gather at Polar Field Services in Denver later this month for the 12th Annual Polar Technology Conference (PTC). During the two-day event, attendees exchange information on research system operational needs and technology solutions.

Phase Change at Summit Station

When the NSF research station closed for the season in mid-August, staff spent the next weeks putting a summer's worth of equipment and infrastructure to bed while supporting experiments that run year round.

GrIT relocates Danish Research Station

GrIT relocates Danish Research Station

Successful world-class science sometimes requires moving metaphorical mountains. But the National Science Foundation (NSF) recently provided some of the machine muscle to literally move a 47-ton Danish research station across the Greenland ice sheet.

Welcome home, R/V Sikuliaq

The NSF's newest ocean-going laboratory, the R/V Sikuliaq, last week arrived in her home port of Seward, AK. As part of her welcome home, the ship was open for public tours.

GrIT Update: Nearly Home

The GrIT operations team is nearly “home.” After making impressive mileage all last week, the team was approximately a day away from Thule, according to Project Manager Geoff Philips. All indications suggest the team will reach Thule Monday, June 2.

GrIT Update: Homeward Bound

Good travel conditions and a lack of mechanical issues has made for smooth travels for the Greenland Inland Traverse (GrIT) team as it makes its way back to Thule.

GrIT update: the view from Summit

After arriving at Summit Station last week, the GrIT team got to work offloading all the cargo, delivering the drilling fluid and casing to the Antarctic drill test camp, and pumping about 19,500 gallons of fuel into the station's stores.

GrIT reaches Summit

After a grueling month-long slog across 700 miles of ice sheet, the GrIT team pulled in to Summit Station on Friday, May 9, writes GrIT manager Geoff Phillips in his latest update.

GrIT Report: Plugging along

The GrIT operations team is averaging 29 miles per day, but with erratic mileage. Snow conditions have a big impact on towing capability. Still, the expedition is moving forward and is on track to reach Summit May 4.

GrIT Update: Progress despite storm, pontoon issues

The GrIT operations team has passed waypoint Benson 2-70 and is continuing to make progress. They’re dealing with some movement of the ARCS pontoons and are working on several solutions. GrIT Project Manager Geoff Phillips discusses the team's progress.

GrIT Forges Ahead to Summit On Previously Unused Route

The teams are well on their way for the 2014 overland Greenland traverse. After launching last week, the team has encountered softer snow than expected and a few mechanical delays. By the end of this week, the GrIT operations and SAGE research teams expect to arrive at an important juncture.