Polar Careers: David Holland, the Model Modeler

Growing up in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, David Holland was well acquainted with ice in nearly every form by a young age. Now, as a mathematics professor at New York University and director of the Center for Atmosphere Ocean Science, he’s still surrounded by ice.

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Here is a self portrait while working at the Penguin Ranch outside of McMurdo Sation, Antarctica, writes Ed. "I think they bonded with the hat!" We're glad Ed Stockard shares this photo with us, because it symbolizes the charm of the U.S. National Science Foundation's polar programs.

Inside the Crevasse

Ed Stockard shares a photo taken in the IMAX crevasse on Hut Peninsula outside of McMurdo Station, Antarctica. He had taken a small group of DV's [distinguished visitors] to the crevasse. The crevasse (a crack in an ice sheet) is a local landmark.

The Storm Subsides at Penguin Ranch

Yesterday we mentioned that Ed Stockard has been selected as a finalist in Air Greenland’s photo contest. The winning photo will now be decided by popular vote, so vote! The winner will receive two vouchers for travel on Air Greenland. Vote for Ed!

End of a Satellite Era

NASA’s Ice, Cloud and land Elevation satellite (ICESat), which for seven years gathered data about ice sheets and sea ice at Earth’s poles, was guided out of orbit and plunged into the Barents Sea on Aug. 30, the agency reported.

Host a PolarTREC Teacher!

Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating is seeking applications from researchers who are interested in hosting a teacher on their polar research project during the 2011 summer and 2011-2012 winter field seasons.

Lessons From the 2010 Greenland Inland Traverse (GrIT)

Two expeditions and thousands of miles on the Greenland ice sheet have provided valuable information to CH2M HILL Polar Services logisticians and engineers as they work to optimize an overland traverse to access NEEM and Summit stations by ground instead of air.

Polar Careers: Robin Davies, Mechanic, Explorer, Retiree

While some retirees seek out golf courses and palm trees, UK born New Zealander Robin Davies prefers something a little more rugged. The intrepid mechanic, 59, has completed contract work for Polar Field Services, most recently traversing from Greenland's coast to Summit Station.

The Women of Berg Field Center

The whirlwind lives of some legendary women aligned a few weeks ago. The women, each of whom fledged her polar career at the McMurdo Station, Antarctica field gear shop called the Berg Field Center (BFC), bumped into each other in Kangerlussuaq, NSF's research program hub in Greenland.

Meanwhile, On The Other Side of The World......

Founded in 1956, Antarctica's Halley Research Station achieved notoriety in 1985 when scientists there first discovered that the ozone layer, which provides critical protection from ultraviolet radiation, had been decreasing from 1975-1985.